Gameplay, map and mode were leaked in the video leak

From the SkyLeaks social portal, part of a demo video Heartland division With the first gameplay scenes of Ubisoft’s new shooter.

The video in question, according to SkyLeaks, could have been packed by Ubisoft to describe the gaming experience and content of The Division Heartland for those who will be participating (or actually participating) in the testing phases.

In addition to mentioning NDAs, there are some in the trailer The remnants of the game Which confirms that Ubisoft developers have adopted the same approach from The third tactical shooter That defines The Division 2 and Chapter 1.

The video leak also provides information about the name of the setup (Silver Creek) And about the activities to be performed in the Heartland multiplayer dimension, with PvE missions And improvised events (such as StormsTo instill more dynamism in the challenges that need to be accomplished as department agents.

Awaiting to receive a response on this impact from Ubisoft, we remind you that over the next few months there will be too A mobile game and expansion for The Division 2.

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