Game for Change series: Meetings with Gamification Experts

The International Festival of Virtual Reality Experience (VRE), designed by the Iconialab Cultural Society and founded by Artistic Director Mariangela Matarozzo, in its first edition, is a project through which we want to deepen the impact of technologies and immersive games on the world of culture, arts and education, and the extent to which the resort to video game images has grown and spread on a large scale, To communicate more effectively with the general public and grab the attention of the little ones.

The festival was born in 2019 to investigate the uses and impact of new technologies and immersive languages ​​on society, the way of life and the perception of the contemporary and the future.

The Games for Change series is a project in which creators intend to overcome the popular perception of games as a phenomenon restricted to the field of fun entertainment to explore its potential. What are the new frontiers of gaming and what areas do they develop in?

Important Italian and foreign experts in this sector are invited to intervene on this topic and many other issues related to the issue of gamification applied in contemporary art, in the promotion of artistic and cultural heritage, in entertaining education, in storytelling and theater. And an ever-evolving discussion in a cycle of seven meetings held in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America in Italy and with the Embassy of Israel in Italy, aimed at an audience of young people, students, academics and enthusiasts who can follow the Youtube channel of the VRE Festival during these weeks.

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For example, we’ll talk about digital learning in different university projects, or about a specific type of storytelling that depicts a viewer as an active protagonist in museum contexts that use these types of digital devices. There are many cultural centers that experimented with games to make their tracks known: Mann of Naples, MArTA of Taranto, Teatro Regio of Parma, Uffizi etc. Cultural spaces are enumerated in the video game format, allowing for a wider participation of the viewer, which relates to those places and information, and also an element associated with emotions and feelings experienced in the gaming experience. Works such as the immersive interactive virtual reality experience of Nimrod Shanit, CEO of The Holy City, or the 3D rendering of symbolic cities like Jerusalem, is a clear demonstration of how the virtual reality medium manages to blend languages ​​and genres, to engage the viewer on an experimental level.


Friday May 14 To talk about “innovative storytelling” starting with thinking about projects like “The March”, co-produced by Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis. A very immersive experience that will allow through virtual reality to accompany Martin Luther King Jr. on his historic career in Washington in 1963 for civil rights. Meeting in collaboration with the US Embassy, ​​which will feature at 17:00, visionary entrepreneur Alton Glass will witness the founder of GRX Immersive Labs and Immersive Storyteller as the protagonist on the social channels of the US Embassy and VRE. To calm the discussion, she will be Corriere della Sera Viviana Mazza journalist.

The meeting was inaugurated by Antonella Boss, Full Professor – Head of the Thought Center (Unimore) and Scientific Coordinator of the Master’s Program in Heritage Education and Digital Technologies (UniMoRe) and Museum of Education (UniromaTRE).

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Friday, June 3 The last date for the course will be entitled “Games and Immersive Theater”.

Speakers who participated in the event included: Samantha Gorman, an academic artist and multidisciplinary educator specializing in writing for digital media, live digital performance / theater directing and immersive media (AR / VR) theory and practice. He is co-chair of Tender Claws Studio and a lecturer in the Department of Art and Design at CAMD at Northeastern University. Anna Maria Monteverdi, an expert in digital performance and video theater, as well as a human resource researcher in performing arts in the Department of Cultural and Environmental Heritage (BAC) at Milan State University, will speak with her.

The meeting is chaired by Valentino Miguel, an entrepreneur in digital health, PhD in Neuropharmacology, TEDx speaker and a celebrity in digital innovation, as well as being the CEO of Softcare Studios, a startup that uses virtual reality and data tracking for mental health and well-being. . The introduction will be by Professor Antonella Boss.

informations: https://www.vrefest.com/games-for-change/

Canal YouTube link: Virtual reality experience

Evenbright https://lnkd.in/d7QecnW

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