Galeotto was a spear spear. A baseball marvel ready for Italian athletics

There is a little-known talent in Italian athletics who is starting to spark sparks in America: His name is Martin Gasparini and he has arm wrestling. Which he uses not to throw baseballs, but javelin with surprising measures as happened Sunday: 76.28 meters in the college game, he won of course thanks to the Italian measure of second in the season standings. Believing that Marten had embarked on America’s conquest of witchcraft over diamonds, he was hired at the age of 16 for exactly $1.3 million, the highest number ever paid by the Kansas City Royals to a European player. Unless you find yourself on another platform, to enhance his arm strength. As if to say: For the 1997-born Cervignano Friulian, who graduated as a young European champion with the national baseball team, the doors are open for another opportunity.

“It all started by chance,” says Gasparini, a student-athlete at Gcu, University of Phoenix — while I was training, I found a spear in my hand. I started throwing in March 2021, when I shot 54.45 with a seven run. I train all summer and winter to be ready for this year.” A year that could mark a turning point for Martin, in a sort of second sporting life. “I attended my first official meet just a month ago. I threw 69 metres. However, on Sunday, in Tempe,” he says. In Arizona, my goal was to get to 74, and instead, all of a sudden, I crossed 76 metres. Now I’m closer to 80 than 70, what a crap!”

Not far from 78.61 meters is the 10th blues of all time, Gianluca Tampere, Jimbo’s brother. And this is only the beginning. “I’ve been an athlete my whole life. When the results come in, obviously we start dreaming a little bit again,” admits Martin, son of Federico, Friulian father, and Wendy, mother of Jamaican descent.

His situation is so unexpected that Martin is not registered with any union. Thus, this will prevent him from competing in the upcoming Italian championships scheduled in Rome at the end of June. “I’m not registered with Fibs, MLB, nor with Fidal, IAAF, and I don’t know how it works, Marten explains -. But of course being involved in the shooters is great! ». There is only one way to earn the trust and interest of the technicians: «I know That well. Throw further. If you do, they will find themselves forced to do so. Waiting for a call or an invitation, the former baseball prodigy will continue to train in Arizona, USA. Land of dreams but, apparently, second chances as well.

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