G. B. Vote: Mayor of London betrayed, but only by ballot – Europe

His re-election, according to expectations, confirmed Labor Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, according to BBC estimates based on an almost complete ballot. But the mayor, the son of Pakistani immigrants, did not pass the first round as some opinion polls had predicted, with the consensus declining compared to 2015 also spreading to his party, which lost a seat in the Capital Council while the Conservatives lost, Verdi. And the Liberal Democrats got one. Labor remains in a blizzard, with leader Keir Starmer coming under fire after his deputy, Angela Rayner, is ousted. To do so, Sadiq Khan needed an immediate run-off against the Tory Caribbean Sean Bailey, which went better than expected, after a head-on showdown at First Preferences, and ultimately managed to win by only a good margin with the elimination of the British system to count voter preferences. The second is for the candidates in the first count.

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