G.B. , 28 years old, cited: Identity error hypothesis

Investigations –

British police aimed at false identification. Supervisor Mark Kamen does not go into details of the investigation and explains that “Ashley was almost always living there alone. The door was forcibly opened and several shots were fired. Ashley was home enjoying Saturday evening and Sunday morning.”

police call –

Superintendent Kamen described the attack as “insensitive and reckless” and stressed that the victim was an innocent citizen. Then from the Merseyside Police Facebook page, he urged residents to “cooperate” to help them find those responsible.

Brother’s Tragedy – Fate, Ashley, who joins Fate’s younger brother. In 2015, 16-year-old Louis Dunn was killed in a shooting. And even in this case it was one

identity exchange

. Lewis was walking the streets of Eldonian, Liverpool, when he was mistaken for a member of a hostile gang. The gang thought he was a competitor because he had the same curly hair as him.

Ashley family –

TheThe Dale family couldn’t rest: “Ashley was our friend, our bright light. She’s had her whole life ahead of her. She’d just been promoted to work. She had a degree and many plans for her bright future. A meaningless crime and justice to be done.”

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