FWL Footvolley World Cup, press conference to present the tournament in Campidoglio

The event, scheduled in Italy, will award the world’s first ever world title foot. The tournament, sponsored by Roma Capitale, is scheduled for June 9, 10 and 11 in Rome Bentina Beach Village Ostia It witnesses the participation of 17 countries from 4 continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Present the first pairs of each national ranking separately. Representing Italy the men will be the vice European champions in charge, Alan Fachini And Federico IacobucciWhile in the women’s domain, he is entrusted with blue destiny Elizabeth Fiorella And Sarah Kopellini.

Today is an important day, we made a commitment that we have kept, which is to provide tangible support to those who have had the courage to invest in a sector that we believe will be very fortunate.“. like Honoring Alexandersports, tourism, fashion and major events advisor at Roma Capital, during a presentation FWL Volleyball World Cup Due in Rome next weekend. “We are fortunate to have 20 km of coastline – he added – With hundreds of thousands of boys and girls playing football and playing football systematically. This work will be important for the tourism development of the so-called Rome Sea, which is often forgotten by many people. We want to talk about Ostia again in a positive way because she deserves it and this appointment is a unique moment“.

It also expresses great satisfaction Max Tonetto:”We’ve taken it a step further – said the former Roma player and football ambassador – We will be representing 4 continents and I think it’s the first time for football. I would love to see all these countries come together for a sport we will be together for 4 days and fuse our traditions and culturesEchoes the head of Playfootvolley, Frederick Salamon:”I feel proud that I was able to organize the World Championships in Rome, my home city. The whole world is watching and Roma is giving an international signal to a sport that will finally get the recognition it deserves“.

Also scheduled are two ambassadorial matches featuring a host of ex-footballers and celebrities: among them, Pluto AbbeyAnd Max Tonetto. To reward athletes will be Simon Perottaworld champion in 2006 with the national team to Marcello LippiAnd Rodrigo Tadi2 Coppa Italia and 1 Italian Super Cup were won by the Roma player between 2007 and 2008 and today he is one of the most represented players in Brazilian football.

L’Submission is free You will also be allowed to attend the band cantina party that will officially conclude the event. The event will be broadcast live in over 35 countries. In Italy, Dazn will ensure live coverage of the final stages of the event, with a live call-in from 4.30pm on Sunday 11 June. Also present were Direct TV, which will broadcast the event in the United States and Latin America, Case TV, exclusive to Brazil, as well as Arena Sport TV for the Balkan countries (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Greece and European Turkey) and Charton Sport for Israel. .

It will be possible to follow the live broadcast of the entire event through the official portal of World Football Leaguethat from European League. Accurate and consistent information will also be guaranteed by Corriere dello Sport Studio And Rai radio 1the official media partners of the event.

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