Future games exclusively Xbox? Results of a survey with 9,000 users

After stressing the growth PS5 sales in the UK after the arrival of new stocksanalyst Bungee sales A Survey of a Potential Future Xbox Exclusively for Bethesda Games: His Response More than 9000 users Who participated in the social initiative is unambiguous.

The poll in question, which opened on March 5, included an increasing number of fans in the 24 hours he was active on Twitter, given the media appearance of Benji Sales himself, and of course, Medium to long term consequences DellZeniMax is acquired by Microsoft, And the subsequent entry of Bethesda and other subsidiaries into Xbox Game Studios.

Well gods 9,172 votes Among the many users who participated in the survey, 76% Most of the upcoming Bethesda and ZeniMax video games, you think, will only be available and exclusive Microsoft family platforms, This is Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S..

Just 24%Therefore, you believe that ZeniMax, in its new role as Microsoft’s “satellite publisher”, Will continue to provide cross-platform Most of the video games developed by censored software houses. Do you also have the same opinion of those who think that the new Bethesda is destined to develop exclusively on the Xbox family’s systems? Or do you think the attractiveness of cross-platform sales potential for a cult series like the deathAnd the The Sheikh Scrolls H Drops Microsoft will pay to suggest this and other IP addresses (read Starfield) On consoles from “competition”? Let us know with the comment of your opinion on it.

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