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The exhibition is one of the most anticipated dates of Fuorisalone 2023 Putting together the futureShow- event Ikea Celebrates a significant milestone in the first 80 years. For the occasion, the brand has transformed the Visconti Pavilion, a historic building in the heart of the Tortona Design District, into a multimedia container that will host a series of meetings throughout the week dedicated to: design, talks, music, Swedish food and entertainment. But the surprises prepared by the pioneer of democratic design for Milan Design Week certainly do not end there. IKEA has reconceived the large area of ​​the pavilion as a scenographic stage where suggestions from the past converge and interact with projects dedicated to the future, a future that is fully compatible with the challenges associated with protecting the planet and its resources.

IKEA opens Fuorisalone 2023 with the Bringing the Future Together exhibition

Courtesy Ikea

Concern for the environment, which has always been a priority among IKEA’s goals, is well represented by the installation that occupies most of the space, where the physical reality of the four natural elements earth, air, water and fire becomes tangible and tangible, indicating through four immersive combinations the virtuous path that the company follows towards Tomorrow increasingly more aware and responsible, Gord (Earth) highlights a commitment to circularity and the theme of recycling, Get out (Water) confirms its commitment to providing water in the production cycle, ELD extension (FIRE) alludes to the transition to renewable energy sources, a commitment that is being pursued with determination, and finally Loft (AIR) The essential element that surrounds us to which a large tree of wishes inspired by Japanese tradition has been enshrined.

Fussalone 2023 Tortona IKEA

Natural elements that contribute to the future of the brand in relation to the planet and its resources are represented in the exhibition

Flavia Rossi

The optimistic outlook towards the future that emerges from the evocative staging can only stem from the large number of successful furniture pieces that have marked the brand’s history, and which have become true icons. wall devoted to them history walla perfect synthesis of eight decades of best-selling products selected from those presented in Ikea museum to Almhultcarefully selected to represent the spirit of the time in which they appeared, finding a place in homes all over the world.

In the perfect visual itinerary, we can relive the distant 1950s when the living room became the focal point of the modern home, and then jump back to the 1960s when the need to provide spaces for families to experiment in 360 degrees made its way to replace the traditional. Static environments, used only to display expensive and impractical furniture. With the pop culture of the 70s, more free and progressive, the IKEA assortment is increasingly oriented towards a youth audience, giving way to fabrics of bright colors, catchy shapes and functional solutions, while the 80s are characterized by a heterogeneous mixture of styles and the emergence of refined taste represented by metal and lacquer furniture. Stained furnishings with shiny surfaces. The beginning of the next decade was affected by a period of stagnation that refocused production on the basic needs of daily life, resulting in a new aesthetic characterized by minimalism. The advent of the new millennium is driving IKEA to further evolve its models to adapt to housing needs that require multifunctional, flexible and space-saving furnishing solutions. Now close to contemporary, the years 2010 to 2019 are dominated by the global spread of styles and trends, created in part thanks to bloggers and influencers flooding the web and social media platforms. For IKEA, the time has come to collaborate with innovators from all sectors who give life to original and daring projects based on sustainability, while reclaiming their background associated with classic Scandinavian design.

Fussalone 2023 Tortona IKEA

Ikea dedicates its wall to the symbols of the past history wallwhere the most successful products were selected from among those presented in Ikea museum to Almhult

Courtesy IKEA

For those of us who have enjoyed this trip down memory lane, we point out that at the end of Fuorisalone it will be possible to purchase some of the products on display in the IKEA store in San Giuliano Milanese, an opportunity for avid collectors and vintage lovers. Second-hand fashion is not just a fashionable phenomenon but concretely provides an opportunity to contribute to the virtuous operation of the department, which IKEA encourages throughout the year through service buy back This allows you to return abandoned furniture and then sell it as second hand.

If a celebration of the past provides important food for thought about how a brand has been able to accompany, and partly guide the evolution of lifestyles over time, the preview presentation of Nytillverkad, the new collection that pays homage to the products that made IKEA history, shows how it is possible to look to the future without forgetting the roots. Fresh and full of energy, Nytillverkad relies on reinterpreting pieces of furniture retrieved from the archives, which are today interpreted in a modern key to meet the tastes and expectations of a new generation. In the collection, we find a diverse range of furniture, bedding and accessories that make a strong visual impact ensured by a bold use of color combined with reconceptual materials. It’s a conscious return to the origins associated with IKEA design at first, just consider that the LÖVET coffee table is included among the products subject to a restyle, which was first launched in 1956, and reintroduced today with a new name LÖVBACKEN in a lively look named Chromatic.

Fussalone 2023 Tortona IKEA

The pieces in the new IKEA Nytillverkad collection stand out for their use of colour

Courtesy Ikea

Summarize the meaning of the event Frederica EngerAnd Managing Director of IKEA of Sweden Who said during yesterday’s press conference “In these 80 years, we have designed many home furnishing items that manage to combine functionality with beauty, so this curiosity about the successes of the past is natural. With Nytillverkad, we go back to the future”

Celebrating IKEA’s pride and goals can also be seen in his speech Belen FrauAnd Director of Global Retail Communications at IKEA, whom we met for exchange. She herself declares:Over the next 80 years, we want to improve further as a company, to offer new generations a better life at home: together, we want to build a better future for the planet and, as Ingvar Kamprad often said, a glorious future.! They also interfere Assunta EnrileAnd Country Retail Manager and Head of Sustainability at IKEA Italia, whom we met in person to find out more about IKEA’s initiatives towards innovation and sustainable development of the brand. His statement is interesting, which emphasizes the importance of roundness: “At Fuorisalone, we are showcasing a selection of iconic pieces that tell the story of the brand from the 1950s to today and that will go on sale in the San Giuliano store from April 29. It will be our way not only to bring people closer to the history of IKEA but also to invite them to reconsider the value of things very current from the past and which still live inside their homes today.In fact, we want to encourage not only an appreciation of the beautiful things that can, decade after decade (there would be a rocking chair from 1957!), remain part of people’s home life, but also a remote Carousel for tapestries use.”

Let’s not forget that at the basis of the continuous evolution of IKEA products is the continuous modernization of the way people live in every corner of the world, which is depicted in real time through the Annual Report. life at homean analysis consisting of 37,000 interviews conducted in 37 different countries published by IKEA since 2014.

The need to explore the opinions and trends that emerged from the study led the Swedish furniture giant to take on another creative challenge: a collaboration with the world-famous, prestigious photographer. Annie Leibovitz. As guest of honor at the celebration, she told us about her experience as before Artist in residence From IKEA, a role that will see her over the next six months on the course of an intense expedition between Italy, India, the US, Sweden, the UK, Germany and Japan documenting the real lives of people inside their homes. In the space at Via Tortona 58, it is possible to enjoy a preview of Leibovitz’s work by sitting in the private cinema room equipped with comfortable mattresses, naturally signed by IKEA, and watching behind the scenes films projected on the ceiling.

Exhibition “Bringing the Future Together”
Visconti Suite at Via Tortona 58
From the 18th to the 23rd of April
Hours: from 10 to 24


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