Fuori Bif & st at Teatro AncheCinema kicks off March 23 with QUETZAL’s “QUETZALIGHTS” exhibition

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In the context of Outside bev and stA review of cultural and entertainment events of a cinematic nature by the municipality of Bari to revive the city’s streets, squares, cinemas, cultural spaces and commercial activities during 14th edition of Bif & St – Bari International Film & TV FestivalAncheCinema Srl presents a cinema, music, art and entertainment program from March 23 to April 2 at the AncheCinema Theater in Bari.

Fuori Bif&st opened at the EvenCinema Theater with the exhibition “QUETZALIGHTS” by Mauro Piccini Leopardi, also known as Quetzal. The works that will be shown in the foyer of Inch Cinemas from March 23 to April 1 are “luminous paintings” painted on polycarbonate and backlit. The light, pouring through the stained glass windows, evokes the stained glass windows of Gothic churches, creating a festive and enchanting atmosphere, like the illuminations of village festivals. The works create oriental suggestions, from the Thousand and One Nights, that enchant and amaze those who look at them immersed in darkness.

In addition to the foyer, the facade on Corso Italia at the AncheCinema Theater will also host large photographic reproductions of the artist’s figurative works, in order to make the relationship between Quetzal’s art and the city even more attractive during the days of Fuori Bif&st.

Thursday 23rd March at 7.30pm The opening of the exhibition is planned, where it will be possible to get acquainted with the artist.

Nicknamed “Quetzal” Born in Bari in 1959. Son of art, after classical studies graduated in law. At the same time, he began traveling in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru, remaining fascinated by pre-Columbian culture. In 1987 he decided to give up his legal career to devote himself entirely to painting, and began experimenting with a personal style combining grotesque charm with the lessons of Miro and Klee. Numerous exhibitions abroad and in Italy. In Bari since 1991 he has directed QUADRERIA DEN HERTOG in Via Andrea da Bari.

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