Funds for the Holy See, canceled the referral of Cardinal Angelo Besio to trial

Cardinal Angelo Picchio

An exciting turning point in the court case that involved other excellent personalities besides the High Bishop of Patada

Rome. A tumultuous turning point in the court case over funds to the Holy See, Sardinian Cardinal Angelo Pescio was among those accused of rescinding the indictments. This was stated by lawyers Massimo Bassi and Cataldo Entreri, the defenders of Terabasi.

“The Vatican Court has annulled the indictment against our client, Fabrizio Terrapasi – they say – an employee of the Administrative Department of the State Secretariat and other important and fundamental parties in the case such as Cardinal Angelo Pessio, financiers Raffaele Mencioni Gianluigi Torzi and Monsignor. Mauro Carlino. In fact, the annulment of The sensational trial regarding the sale of Sloan Square property is limited to minor offenses.”

“Not only that – the lawyers continue – the court also rejected the request to keep the actual statements of Prosecutor General Monsignor Berlaska “confidential” to the promoters and asked the investigators for information on the suspect’s condition in other trials in order to consider his citation in court with the assistance of a lawyer. We remind you that Berlaska has He initially investigated and was seriously suspected of committing the same crimes without an official ruling justifying this choice.”

The lawyers also clarified that “the postponement to November 17 to the state does not concern the dismissed defendants, but rather the process is currently paralyzed despite the court’s attempts to restore the procedure within the legality and legitimacy stipulated in international law.” Standards and even today are seriously neglected.”

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Regarding Cardinal Angelo Besio in detail, defense attorney Fabio Viglioni commented: “He was not able to exercise the right of questioning in relation to the two indictments we have brought. Another aspect is that we had objected to the lack of a series of acts and interrogations, full interrogations and no transcripts, and the court said “you have to make them available to the defence.” Everything we objected to was accepted.”

The lawyer adds: “The promoter of justice, at yesterday’s hearing, took a step back, clearly believing that some documents should have been provided, and on the other hand he should have proceeded with the interrogations,” according to the lawyer. Now “interrogations can also prevent this stage: interrogation is a right that the accused can also do to avoid trial – he explains – if he does not, then this possibility is missing.” The court ruling relates to Cardinal Becciu for the containment and embezzlement hypothesis in the Spes case, “on the basis of which the structure of the crime has changed, we have defended ourselves by a different hypothesis.”

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