Fun and money are not the same thing

Sundar Pichai explained during a meeting that the company will cut costs to address the uncertain macroeconomic scenario, employees complain.

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“We should not always equate pleasure with money.” True, but if he said that Sundar Pichai a little less. He, in a day, earns more or less million euros. CEO of Alphabet, the holding company that controls Google, and is one of the highest paid managers in the United States. Sundar Pichai’s salary is 1,000 times that of an average Google employee. And he, this sentence, he says to his employees. sparked controversy.

Pichai’s words were extracted from a speech during a Meeting with Google employeeswhich appeared thanks to a Published audio recording From CNBC. It all stems from the staff’s dissatisfaction. They are angry that Google has slashed travel and entertainment budgets. But Pichai, in addition to emphasizing that money and pleasure are not directly proportional, made clear that these are necessary cuts.

it’s the truth, the alphabet rotation recorded $69.69 billion The end of the second quarter of fiscal year June, an increase of more than 12% compared to last year. However, fears of an imminent recession due to rising inflation have alarmed major tech companies such as Alphabet and Meta. Pichai said he hopes to make the company 20% more productive by slowing hiring and investment.

Google employee lifestyle

It must be said that Google employees are well accustomed to it. Workplace masseuses, cooking classes, home fitness and arts programs. Cirque du Soleil performed at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View for them, and Star Wars Stormtroopers danced on the tables for a Christmas party. Natasha MillerAn event planner for Google, told Business Insider that a Silicon Valley-commissioned party costs more or less 1 million dollars.

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When employees asked the CEO of Google why they were giving up all these benefits, Pichai replied “How do I say that? We take a lot more responsibility, given that we are going through one of the toughest macroeconomic conditions in the last 10 years.” Then he added, “I remember when Google was small and weak. We shouldn’t always equate fun with money.” In the end, though, it looks like Googlers will only have to part with a few Star Wars dancers for now.

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