Full coverage limit delta variant mutation

Global coverage of the population with the Covid-19 vaccine is crucial to prevent the delta variant, which is prevalent in Italy as in most parts of the world, from accumulating mutations that make it more dangerous. This is indicated by the first data on the topic, relating to 16 countries including Italy and collected by Ting-Yu Yeh and Gregory Contreras of the University of Maryland. The data is available online on the medRxiv platform, which welcomes articles awaiting review by the scientific community.

“We provide the first evidence that vaccination coverage rate is inversely related to mutation frequency of the delta variant of SarsCoV2 in 16 countries,” the researchers wrote, “and the data “strongly suggest that full vaccination against Covid-19 is critical . . to suppress emerging mutations.” In light of these Data, they note that global vaccination, that is, the world’s population, is critical to preventing transmission of the virus, and it is essential to continue to adopt mitigation strategies and genetic surveillance.

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