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Frost imminent in the northeastern United States, blizzards and snowstorms as far as the Midwest and East Coast “3B Meteo”

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With the term Norister Refers to a specific type of Winter storm Able to hit the United States. The term is derived from the prevailing direction of the winds feeding it CycloneIt is a usually minimal hurricane located in the Atlantic Ocean near the northeastern coast. In the last 24-48 hours Canadian polar vortex It is located on James Bay, the southernmost sea strip Baia de HudsonFrom this position I drew the spiral Freezing of polar currents Causing temperatures drop above a large portion of Southern Canada So you touch me -40 ° C, Currents now flowing into the northern United States in a northeast and southwestern direction to move. Frost is already dominating Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and the entire Midwest as snow and snowstorms advance, especially in the Great Lakes region, with temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius last night. Snow and ice cause Severe circulatory problems With many accidents and huge rear collisions on the highways.

The snow It has not yet affected the East Coast but is a little matter, once this frost flows into the Atlantic Ocean, a Strong spiral Which leads to curl of the East Coast accompanied by heavy rains. Precipitation which will find very low temperature values ​​and will be snowy. A lot of snow is expected a New York, Boston, Springfield, but it will also drop south to Philadelphia and Washington as well Of a storm character. Frost expanse will be large and will cover practically all of the central and northern United States with a minimum that could penetrate as well Threshold -30 ° C.. However, the worst conditions will be in the Great Lakes region as stormy and icy winds coming from Canada will favor the “Snow Effect Lake” Blizzard Along all exposed coastlines, the snowstorm capital is likely a city Buffalo.

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Separation With the southern states where the weather is stable and temperate It will be net With a thermal gap even in the range of 30/35 ° C over a range of 500-700 km. For example, it will go from -20 ° C in northern Missouri to + 10/15 ° C in Arkansas.

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