Frosinone, Giovanni Brunnero and the epic of cycling

Everything comes from the passion of me Travel and bike magazines. It is the idea of ​​putting online photos on their YouTube channel.
scammer Paolo Forni, with a short film dedicated to 1920s cycling champion Giovanni Brunnero, has been selected for the finalist of Sports Films and Television, the Sports Film and Television Festival, now in its 40th edition, taking place in Milan through November 13. The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on Sunday, and the winning short films will be announced.

The Short film “Giovanni Brunnero 1922-2022” It was produced by the Italian velocipedistic association Nova with direction and editing by Furnò. Music by New York artist Chris Zabriskie. Work sponsored by the municipality of Siré (to). The nomination for the festival, which marked the end of the genre, was a surprise. There are, in fact, 140 competing jobs.

«The idea was born between the historical renovations that we are doing – the author explains – there is the re-enactment part, with sports activity and there is the hero’s family, with his grandson. Among other things, when Brunero retired from racing, Agnelli gave him the privilege to sell a Fiat. Since then, the family business is still standing, even if they are now selling boat engines ».

A work that also benefited from the memory cult of Brunnero located in Siri, the hero’s birthplace in the province of Turin. The archive has been digitized, and there is a sports collection that references Brunero and memorabilia. Among other things, in June, when it was filmed in Ciriè, there was a reenactment and a ride through the streets of Brunero.
The short lasts 27 minutes and isn’t the only action on the great champions, the division the short is competing for from Forno, and the other on Learco Guerra. “The interesting thing is the idea of ​​doing research and re-enactment of sports as well as practice by the same means at that time.” Events organized with the Italian Cycling Federation Nova suggest competitions, such as the Rome-Naples, on old bikes (from the early 20th century) and with materials from the cycling historical period.

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Now the new challenge is behind the camera with photos from that period, today’s cycling is on the bikes of that time and the tales of the hero’s descendants.
Other nominations include work in all kinds of sports from ice hockey to soccer, cycling to basketball, marathon to martial arts, and gymnastics to Olympic activity. Participants come from all over the world, as well as from Italy also from Spain, Greece, Croatia, Ukraine, Latvia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, Ireland, Kosovo, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, North Macedonia and Vietnam.
The choice of 2022 was not accidental: it is the centenary of one of Brunero’s brightest years with the victory of Giro d’Italia and Milan Sanremo in 1922. A high-class athlete, climber of great endurance, “against character” devoted to his sporting career, family and community, who died of Age 39 years old in 1934.

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