Frontiers of Pandora introduced with trailers at E3 2021, arriving in 2022 –

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora It is in the end Foot All’Ubisoft Forward Durant l’E3 2021, specifying the exit period for 2022 But with no specific date yet, in addition to the platforms that appear to exist Solo the next general Con PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S e Stadia.

This is the game that was announced some time ago as The Avatar Project, after which the most accurate and above all else an official title, it seems. Party as an association for Avatar, the popular CGI movie written by James CameronThe game comes as a new story to tell, apparently.

Obviously everything is related to the movie Avatar, as it is set in the same world and starting from the events that the movie tells, but it will expand on different sides. However, it is difficult to understand what exactly it is, given that the trailer remains very mysterious in history and above all the mechanics of the game.

you can’t see it Play Real, because above all a general presentation video of the organization of the place, characters, atmospheres and possible situations. The idea is that it could be a game with a very open environment, perhaps an open world, in third person mode and capable of letting us live the experience of exploring Pandora and fighting for its destiny.

The title, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, emphasizesexploration It may lead us to see areas other than those shown in the movie and discover new things about a particular world. L ‘Director However, it is still a long way off, scheduled for 2022, but it is clear that the development has completely shifted to the next generation. PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S e Stadia.

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We also know that he cooperated with Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney Which will be based on a new version of the proprietary engine Snowdrop drive.

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