FromSoftware: Interstice, the RPG between Dark Souls and Armored Core doesn’t really exist

From the Reddit and ResetEra pages, many leaks bounce off the net The Penny Project, The rumored science fiction RPG game between Dark Souls and Armored Core is under development in From Software under the auspices of Activision.

Update – The topic is closed on Reddit, the photo shared by the author of the leak is wrong, as are the details released by himself, purely inventive.

The new mixture of rumors was summed up by TheSecondLight redditor, inspired by the many developments and leaks of news that happened in these last hours. Information instigated by the designers themselvesdeep Throat“ By From Software and Activision Too Much But It’s All About The Idea Of A Next Generation Cross-platform Project For PC, PS5 And Xbox Series X / S, Unlike Xbox Exclusive Theory Gaining Floor On Social Network Yet Possible clues Phil Spencer threw in his office.

Based on the leaks, Project Interstice should see Shop Light A. Mid-2023: The title will be developed under the direct supervision of Hidetaka Miyazaki, With gameplay and narration dynamics that’ll make it real ‘Spiritual successor to Armored Core’.

Upon entering into the content perks, the leakers describe the title as a role-playing experience full of combat mechanics, with a deep multiplayer unit surrounded by a complex skeleton dedicated to customizing the main character and his character. Mica. The title must also contain center Dark Souls style, with exploration of open-world environments on board mechanical and indoor scenarios where temporary abandonment of a robot will be required. The game world must be set in a post-apocalyptic future dominated by wasteland and half-destroyed cities, with Very advanced artificial intelligence At war to control the remnants Human civilization is now extinct.

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Just like in the case of a Elden Ring video leaked recentlyOnce again we invite those who follow us to Take this type of rumor very carefully.

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