From tomorrow we will start the third dose of the vaccine for 5,700 patients with immunosuppression identified in the province –

The third dose of 5697 patients Individuals with immunosuppression identified in Cuneo County.

widget and access 3.661 Belong to the Cn1 . origin region (Cuneo, Saluzzo, Fossano, Savigliano, Mondovi and Siva) 2.036 of Cn2 (Alba and Bradys).

The additional dose will reach 52,911 people in Piedmont. These are patients with various diseases who are identified as a risk group that requires additional vaccine boosters. Additional doses of Pfizer or Moderna will be inoculated. The list of priorities is based on the list of diseases identified by a publication from the Ministry of Health.

In light of this new phase of the vaccination campaign – Wrote in recent days in a regional note – He submitted the territory to extract a first list of the names of the people concerned, based on the data on the vaccination platform and pass it on to the health authorities, so that they can move forward with the preparation of the agendas.”

“once again – The president commented Alberto Sirio and health advisor Luigi Genesio IcardiPiedmont is distinguished by the possibility of immediately organizing a new vaccination stage, which is especially important in this case, since it helps to secure one of the most vulnerable segments of the population. ”

On the regional territory there are 52,911 people, who were called by the specialized centers where they are treated, divided as follows: 587 are waiting for transplantation; 4114 in chemotherapy or radiotherapy; 2 with complement deficiency; 1 with cellular immunodeficiency. With 3 deficiencies of humoral immunity. 2149 are living with HIV; 2118 suffer from chronic renal/adrenal insufficiency. 12631 with hematological diseases; 12453 with solid tumors. 281 bone marrow transplant recipients; 2522 solid organ transplant recipients; 5715 with congenital and acquired diseases involving a deficiency in antibody production; 10277 with primary immunodeficiency diseases; 58 have acquired or congenital immunodeficiency.

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Same centers – writes the area – Those who have direct knowledge of the condition of individual patients, will also have the task of improving the list of recipients of the “extra” dose, since for some diseases referred to in the ministerial publication, a clinical assessment is required to include or not to include a subject in this list.

For the AslCn1 region, the third dose will start tomorrow at all vaccination centers in the region except for the center at Ignazio Vien Barracks in the village of San Rocco Castañarita in Cuneo. The activity includes starting with different vaccinations which will gradually increase over the next few days.

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