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From the US safely: Prince Harry will return to London, but Meghan will not follow him

This is London’s hottest hottest and given the throne of Prince Charles, Harry could return to the UK, but without Meghan Markle.

The Dukes of Sussex have been in the spotlight of British newspapers since their engagement. Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan Markle have accomplished, with mjexit A truly unexpected move for the British crown.

However, some time ago, even in the United States, rumors were circulating about a certain dissatisfaction with the spouses, but in particular with the son of Prince Charles And Mrs. Diana. The latter, although not interested in this epilogue, ended up being isolated from the rest of the royal family.

The choice, this, was dictated by the royal family by virtue of the accusations leveled by the Dukes of Sussex – very heavy, like those alleged racist expressions – against Windsor. But Prince Harry certainly cannot remain isolated forever.

Harry’s return to London?

We said this past year and a half, Prince Harry has had very little contact with the royal family. But what will happen when the file Queen Elizabeth II Will Prince Charles die and become king? Many ask this, and in various forms, many experts and journalists agree on one thing: Prince Harry may return to London soon.

On his podcast Queen save podthe former bodyguard of Lady Diana, Ken Wharf – Also author of Diana’s book: Remember the princessexplained: “I don’t think Harry will live in California forever. Of course, I am well aware that in the US he is nothing but a fish out of water: he has contracts with Netflix and other big companies, he works for many charities, but where all of these activities can lead him is , In the long term, abroad, frankly do not know. That is why I believe he will return to the UK when his father becomes king. And he will do so in a new role. Whether he’s with or without Meghan, we can’t know.”

Harry, Prince of Traveler?

On the same wavelength, the writer and expert on the royal family of Windsor, Tina Brown Who said in an interview with the New York Times on the Sway podcast: “I believe Harry will come home when the Queen dies to serve his country.”

And again: “And I also think the royal family will find a way to get him back. But I doubt Meghan will follow: she doesn’t like England at all. So Harry will probably be going back and forth between London and Montecito.”

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