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From the United States to Rome to discover our excellence in the medical field

The Fellowship of Doctors in Italy is the first 100% Italian program that allows foreign students of health schools to discover the new frontier of Made in Italy: medicine.
“Our goal is to give medicine and the world of health in general an international dimension – says Nadia Nechiva, Co-Founder and CEO of Physicians in Italy -. The project was born in 2018 and from 2020 it has also become part of the franchises chosen by Bocconi 4 Innovation. Thanks to facts like ours , all students enrolled in the health professions, both in the United States and abroad, have the opportunity to come to our country and follow our doctors on the ward, to experience life in the hospital. Among the excellent Italian structures, we have chosen the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, whose collaboration we are very proud of » The general direction of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital immediately recognized the value of this initiative, and this year there will be more than 100 American students who will follow doctors in the Romanian wards. “This program is very interesting for the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation – explains Clinical Director Rossana Aloni. – Because it gives us the opportunity to interact with students who come from a different training experience and process than the Italian one. It is good to see how the enthusiasm is the same, and that although in a period of time Limited, our physicians and our graduate students are able to pass on our passion and ideals that we cultivate within the university hospital to these American students. We hope that some of them will come to study within our English programs.” In this facility, fellows, i.e. observing students, in addition to experiencing life in the hospital also have the opportunity to pursue research projects, breathing in the innovative air typical of this research institute.

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personal stories

Behind each colleague there is always a story, sometimes as special as that of Nthabeling, a deaf student who, for academic merit, was awarded a scholarship to participate in the program and is currently in Rome: “This was a wonderful experience. Before coming to Italy I expected to face Many communication barriers. I was prepared for this. However, I was guided through every surgical procedure and medical examination flawlessly by both doctors and interpreters who always made sure I understood everything that was going on. Patients I met, doctor-patient relationships And the hard work of doctors are just some of the reasons why I want to become a doctor. I will be an NM doctor. This is also thanks to the support of doctors in Italy and Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital for this unique opportunity they have given me.”

Not just a hospital

Not only the hospital, the students, throughout their stay, they also have the opportunity to experience our beautiful country thanks to the activities organized by the support team of the city, because obviously, in Italy, one cannot forget the history and Italy is definitely considered- an advanced place in terms of international education in the medical field In fact, in addition to short programs such as the Fellowship of Doctors in Italy, there are 13 public universities and 5 private courses in medicine in English. This contributes to making Bel Paese more and more competitive in attracting talent in training. Therefore, Made in Italy goes beyond food and fashion and continues to assert itself also in the medical field. And so our country becomes the standard bearer of what is increasingly being discovered to be the future of medicine: global collaboration for easier and more inclusive health.

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