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Electric vehicle charging poles So far it has been considered a useful tool and a little more. Certainly, some design elements such as shape, height and color were kept in mind by those who made them. In addition to presentations that should be as clear as possible. However, No one has yet found the solution to make it completely recognizable and even creative in its own way.

A request to this effect comes from the United Kingdom. Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps hopes to see the columns recognizable even beyond British borders, as they have done with mailboxes at the Royal Mail or telephone booths.. The so-called Post Boxes and Phone Boxes, both red, are just as much part of British culture as the double-decker bus. “Design plays a crucial role in supporting the transition to zero-emissions vehicles, which is why I would like to see distinctive and recognizable charging points such as the red phone booth, London buses or black taxis.“Saeed Al Shabs.

It is precisely for this reason that the Department of Transportation confirmed Appointing the Royal College of Art and PA Consulting as consultants to create distinctive charging stations and easily “adoptable” by the population. Not only that, the work done should bring more attention to electric cars, as the Boris Johnson government’s plan aims to turn the UK into a battery-powered paradise.

At the Royal College of Art they immediately accepted the challenge. Clive Cliff Grenier, Head of Service Design, said:This is a great opportunity to support an element of street furniture that will be part of the national culture in the future. Our organization has been at the forefront for the past 180 years to do this kind of work and therefore we are honored to play a role in the electrical transformation. Not forgetting that columns should be a positive, comprehensive and user-friendly experience“.

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