From the Superbonus 110% bonus to the interfaces, all the extras

In the next exercise there will be an extension of the Superbonus to 2023, but only condominiums, single-family buildings, villas and townhouses will be excluded. Also from this, remember, which is mentioned in the Program Budget Document, Pillar of the Budget Law 2022. So there is still a Superbonus 110% that will be refinanced through 2023 with Redemption Fund funds. It will be a measure related only to apartment complexes and former social housing, which is then set to drop to 65% within two years.

Construction bonuses, which ones are left?

Other construction bonuses are until 2024 while the end of the bonus is set for 2022. The 65% environmental bonus and 50% discounts for the purchase of green furniture and appliances are also confirmed. There is no trace, at the moment, of a facial bonus. At risk is bill deduction and credits waived for privileges other than 110%.

Construction bonuses, invoice discounting, and balance transfers?

One of the issues that needs to be resolved is the issue of invoice discount and balance transfer options. The direction of the Ministry of Economy technicians is to maintain the option of transfer / discount or the traditional discount at 110% while in other discounts we would like to remove both the discount and transfer even if in the end it is a more political line that can prevail and maintain the procedures.

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