From tacos to martinis, Queen Elizabeth and US presidents – in a nutshell

(By Benedita Guerrera) (ANSA) – Washington – I rode with Reagan, drank martinis with George W. Bush, and had tea with Donald Trump. Elizabeth II met 14 US presidents during her very long reign and left her mark on all of them. From Harry Truman to Joe Biden, the late king met every single man who entered the White House during her 70 years as queen except for one: Lyndon Johnson, who moved into the Oval Office after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Her first visit to the United States dates back to 1951 when she was a young princess, when she greeted the crowd from the back seat of a convertible, with her visibly happy Harry Truman. “Free men everywhere look upon the United States with affection and hope,” he said on that occasion. As Queen, she welcomed the Kennedy family to Buckingham Palace for a lavish dinner and danced in a yellow gown and sparkly tiara with Gerald Ford at a state dinner in July 1976, the bicentennial of American independence. In 1982, she and Ronald Reagan rode together near Windsor Castle. The president returned the favor the following year, serving her tacos and guacamole on his California ranch. George Bush Sr. took Elizabeth to a baseball game in Baltimore in 1991, where he shook hands with all the players. According to reports at the time, the Queen politely declined to serve hot dogs at a pre-match reception, but did not design the martini. Speaking of food, in a handwritten letter dated 1960, preserved in the US National Archives, Queen Eisenhower supplied her recipes for scones, typical English desserts, which the General tasted at Balmoral at tea time. In recent years, the Queen has had tea with Donald Trump and Melania in Windsor in 2018. “My mother passed away some time ago and she was a huge fan of the Queen,” the money mogul said at the time, admitting that he had been thinking about his character. Mother.. throughout the meeting. Barack Obama admitted that Elizabeth II reminded him of his grandmother. At a meeting with the royal family at Buckingham Palace in 2009, Michelle gestured briefly around the Queen and Sovereign, much to the public’s surprise. Even for Joe Biden, the emperor was a “familiar” figure. “I don’t think she would be offended if I told her it made me think of my mother, her looks, her generosity,” he said after meeting in June 2021, on the sidelines of the G7 summit in the UK. The last time the US President saw Elizabeth. (Dealing).

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