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Cosenza – The Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza established, by notary, the Provincial Assembly To develop the maritime economy in the province of Cosenza called Assonautica Cosenza. Highly demanded by President Klaus Algieri, Regional Assonautica Born thanks to 5 supporting members: the Cosenza Room As a promoter – also obliges National Assonautica Cosenza Province e regional trade associations Confcommercio, Confindustria and Coldiretti.

It is a regional regional association structure of the Italian Assonautica constituting the “Assonautica System”, upgraded with the approval of the National Assonautica and operating within the Cosenza Regional District. The association, which was established under Article 36 et seq. of the Civil Code, is regulated by the statutes approved by the members, and is non-profit and has adopted A code of ethics that inspires and obliges the conduct of each member A representative of the Assonautica system at all levels.

“A great destination and starting point for marine tourism,” he declared President of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce Klaus Algiers -. From today, Cosenza promotes and seeks, through the newly created Regional Assonautica and in collaboration with the Chamber System, to develop the economy of the sea and inland waters in all sectors and activities.

The purpose of the association

The purpose of the association, in fact, is precisely to play a leading role in the local economy and in all the facts that insist on the ownership of the sea, lake and river state, For the benefit of supply chain players and yachting also to advocate for the usability of marine, social, tourism, leisure and sports activities related to it; It also promotes and encourages research and development activities, training and environmental protection. They’ve been named in the works before Supporting members are also the association’s bodies: the boss, in the character of Domenico Negro Imperial, an expert in the maritime sector; The association, made up of the representatives of the supporting members in the person of Klaus Algieri, President of the Chamber of Commerce and ConfComercio, Giovanni De Rose, Delegated President of the Province of Cosenza Rosaria Socorro, Fortunato Amarelli, President of the Confindustria Cosenza, Franco Acetto, President of Coldiretti Cosenza, present on the Board of Directors, with its Director, Francesco Cosentini.

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