From Rimini to Australia, four 19-year-olds looking for work: “If not now, when?”

It is not a country for young people. We’ll be working our way to Australia, and we’ll just be back to open our own restaurant.” Four close friends are convinced of this, all recent high school graduates in Romania, with 19 springs on their shoulders. They are very convinced that tomorrow they will leave for Australia, where they will initially stay 6 months in search of experience and work. They are Alessandro Di Sisto, Simon Ferri, Matteo Macrelli, Roberto Guidotti and the rest is still a blank page, all of which will be written.

“If not now, when?”

The idea was proposed by Maurizio de Sisto, the father of the 50-year-old Allie, who is a chef just like his wife. A passion for cooking runs deep in our DNA, given that both children attended the Hotelier in Riccione, Savioli. “Alessandro finished his studies last summer, exactly when I met acquaintances of about thirty people who worked as a chef in Sydney,” explains de Sisto. So this enterprising father connects the dots and suggests young people travel to the other side of the world, “to be able to rely on this reference number.” In response, the Four Horsemen take their time but begin to play with the idea. They decided the season was over in the “why not?” mood. But also “If not now, when?” By booking a return flight from Rome. “They have chosen such a cheap two-day trip, – concludes De Sisto with a sign of a smile – let’s say the adventure will begin long before landing.” Certainly the enthusiasm will not lack, as Alessandro asserts, noting that I am already in Australia not only with my thoughts, but also with a suitcase weighing 25 kg each, sent for days, by post, and slated to crowd a dormitory for four at the Julie Swagman Inn in Sydney. A brightly colored building a stone’s throw from the opera house where they will be staying for the first 15 days. the following months? “Nothing is certain, except that we will have to roll up our sleeves.” And the new graduate does not send her to say: «We only have summer clothes with us, given the season we will find there, we will quietly buy the rest. Return plane? It was booked on May 9, 2023, but if everything is in order as it should be, we will not return.”

dream in stairs

“The main objective is actually to put aside experience and money, given that Australian salaries are more generous than those of the beautiful country. Apart from making friendships with boys and girls from all over the world, which may open up more possibilities. Nothing is better for someone like me who used to travel from a young age.” Meanwhile, he puts in black and white the distinctions of each member of the group, beginning with their studies, two attended the hotel school, one Volta Scientific High School and the other a tourist expert. At the top of the roadmap remains the desire to learn English properly. Basic language in which they get to a good level, “Except for one of us who’s going to have to do it,” the boy notes jokingly, stitching his mouth over the name. “Above all that binds us in the jump in the dark is one great awareness – concludes Alessandro -: Italy is not a suitable country for young people and salaries are too low, in the face of the exorbitant amount of work. We will look for a job in catering, without fear of chaos, in the hope of opening a place Ours in Romania, on a day not too far away. With a cosmopolitan flavour.”

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