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“We are no longer just a square photo-sharing app.” with these Adam Mosseri, President InstagramHe wanted to start describing the future of the platform. «At Instagram, we are always trying to create new features that help users with this Get the most out of their experience. We will now focus on four main areas: Content Creator, Video, Shopping & Messaging».

“I’m here in front of you to tell you what we’re working on on Instagram before it reaches your phone – Mosseri continues – We are trying to create a lot of new things and the first one is about content creators. We talked about it and Our goal remains to let Instagram creators make a livingInstagram is sure to take inspiration from what is already its business model tik tok from him The Creators Fund guarantees users a percentage of the profits Advertising based on views.

«The second aspect is the video that at the moment Acts as a catalyst for massive growth Across all platforms and over time We will also rely more and more on this method. We are no longer a platform for sharing square photos.” Research on Instagram shows, It is an app that is opened because people want to be entertainedThat is why future development efforts are increasingly focused on the entertainment sector and thus the video sector. Mosseri is aware of the very strong competition The platform lags behind in this regard: “Tik Tok is amazing and YouTube is bigger than that. This means that There is a lot to do, and we anticipate changes in the coming monthsThis will mean for users a more experimental approach to recommendations, which is what the algorithm will suggest within each user’s feeds. Another new feature called “Themes” (arguments) and it will do something like this: Choose your favorite topics from a list on the screen After the update, the algorithm will be trained to choose what you suggest more or less.

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Then there is the shopping, The pandemic has definitively shifted the focus of people’s buying from physical stores to online stores We will follow this trend.” Optimizing the platform will also, above all, improve interactions between users, For this reason, “the fourth and final point that we want to intervene in is the messages. Approaching and interacting with your friends has changed a lot over the past five years and has mostly shifted to texting Stay away from stories and feeds, so we’ll invest time and resources in this featureIn conclusion, Mosseri anticipates this new period of changes It will last about one year: «We know where we want to be in six months of the year, but We don’t know yet what path we will take So expect lots of experiments and many videos like this where we will tell you our ideas and plans. I hope you like it! “.

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