From pain to glory: Winnie couldn’t stand all fours, today he wins races thanks to his nose

Winnie’s owners tried, but soon realized they couldn’t do it: the deformity of her front legs made it impossible for them to care for an American bulldog puppy, who was nine weeks old at the time. It was 2019.

Three years later, Winnie not only fully healed and was able to stand everywhere without difficulty, but also began to win competitions. nose job around the UK.

The path from pain to glory through recovery was facilitated by the intervention of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), a charity dedicated to animal welfare.

The RSPCA took Winnie to her owners and referred her to a specialist clinic who discovered a developmental disorder. Then he started the treatment and looking for one at the same time home care He can accompany the American Bulldog in the long rehabilitation process.

At this point, Wendy Ling enters the scene. Wendy runs a cat shelter. She recently lost her dog Bob at the time and needed someone to help her get through the pain. “I wasn’t looking for a real successor to Bob, but keeping a dog in foster care for a while seemed the perfect solution. I still remember when I saw Winnie for the first time: She was very thin, but she had a really hard time,” says Wendy.

It was meant to be a temporary solution, and it became permanent. Wendy fell in love with Winnie, adopted and followed her throughout her rehab: months and months of hydrotherapy, twice a week. The dog still goes there today, but only once every two weeks: now the deformity is absorbed.

The feet of the American Bulldog are not very functional, but on the other hand, his sense of smell is above average. And Winnie grows it more: She trains in nose job (Currently he is in level five of eight) and he has started winning some competitions across the UK. They could become one of the best bloodhounds in the country. “He’s unstoppable now,” says Wendy. “He loves sports.”

Winnie’s story got off to a bad start, with a severe disfigurement. But it is going very well, with recovery and a path to excellence in nose work. Surrounded by the love of Wendy, who says “I couldn’t have wished for a better dog,” and you’re probably right.


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