From now on, the developer says the studio’s games will “trust the player” –

It seems that obedient dog He wants to adopt part of FromSoftware’s game design philosophy, as emphasized by other words Developerwho said that from now on Games Studio “They will trust the player“.

Vinit Agarwal’s statement, that’s his name, comes to echo that of Neil Druckmann, who was struck by Elden Ring’s novel On the Road to Damascus.

Agarwal is not just any passer-by, but the co-game manager for the multiplayer game The Last of Us, commonly referred to as “Factions”. His comment came via Twitter, where he revealed that he spoke with FromSoftware’s Hidetake Miyazaki last month. The two seem to have discussed how to let the players take over.

Agarwal: “Last month I talked about the Elden Ring with Miyazaki-san and one of the things we said to each other was to trust the player. It allows for a more satisfying design for the player and developer alike. It actually allows for doing more, not less.”

We’ll see how this change in philosophy translates into playful terms. However, their fans are hoping Naughty Dog doesn’t abandon the cinematic narrative that has characterized its latest production.

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