From fighting the government mafia to abolishing the Cartapia reform, Gratteri in “Otto Mezzo”

From the first impressions of Meloni’s government, to the judgment on the reform of Cartabia, to the opening of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Catanzaro and the presentation of the recently released book – “Fore Die Kvin” – always side by side with Antonio Nicasso. The Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, Nicola Gratteridoes not escape the barrage of questions that his landlady, Lily Gruber, puts to him: this evening he was, in fact, a guest of “Eight and a Half” on La7. Next to him is La Stampa director Massimo Giannini.

First of all, a fact that emanated from Gratteri’s statements should be underlined: “The President of the Court of Appeal testifies today that since I have been in Catanzaro, since May 2016, there has been no conviction of unjust detention: they are facts”.

Uninstall Cartabia

“It is too early to give an assessment, I haven’t seen any projects and reforms yet. But Meloni – speaking of fighting the mafia – said it was a priority, and the previous government did not say that.
The current government – added Gratteri – should only write one line: the reform of Cartapia must be abolished. It was done too well to be implemented, so it was postponed to December 31, but since January it cannot be implemented because there are many pills that do not work. The reform has only doubled or tripled the procedural steps, and has only served to lengthen the processes. And Italian justice will slow down. You’ll see what happens when the force comes in. It should be abolished, the only good thing I did was computerize the penalty sector.

1,600 judges are missing

1,600 judges are missing, and with these new procedural requirements they will never be enough. When I said it a year ago, everyone fell silent, every sleep, CSM, prosecutors all say it’s no good – says Gratteri again -. It took courage first, we needed to protest first, and it’s nowhere near now that the reform will take effect.”

Referring to the inauguration of the new public prosecutor’s office in Catanzaro which was attended by the new Minister of Justice Nordio, Gratteri explained: “We talked with Nordio about art and beauty, Nordio is a great connoisseur of history. He’s a good justice of the peace. It takes people who respect the law and the code, that’s fine with me. I Also – argued Gratteri – I define myself as a guarantor, because I work with the code in hand and observe the code in a traditional way, myself and my whole desk. There are daily distorters who write 90% of lies, and in fact I have started civil cases against these serial distorters.
“We are in year zero in the fight against mafias, there is no vision. Especially at the European level,” and on the subject of monetary limitation: “Any shirt that is expanded favors tax evaders and those who are not model citizens. Let’s think, let’s see.”

‘Basic income needs to be fixed’

In the debate to mitigate or eliminate abuse of office, he defines it as “the most difficult crime to prove, as it has been phrased. It is a crime of espionage. In my opinion it is necessary, I would not like many mayors to have the argument of thinking of the municipality as their home “. According to the Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, “the citizen’s income must be fixed”, as for the Messina Bridge According to Gratteri “Those who go on holiday to Sicily from Milan do not travel a thousand kilometers, but take a low-cost flight. , get off in Catania, get a car Stay for a week and then come back to Milan.Do a poll with the Calabrians and Sicilians and ask about priority.As a Calabrian I say I would like the same infrastructures as in Veneto and Lombardy.We have to do the highways first.Obviously where there is money the Mafia tends To go, but we can’t say we don’t do business because the mafia is there, but because it’s useful. It shouldn’t be an excuse not to do things.” Referring to his possible appointment as head of the prison administration, Gratteri explained: “No one asked me. I don’t know, it depends. When proposing jobs, you have to understand what the terms are. I must always be free, making revolutions.”

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