From Euro 2020 Cup to Bearzot tube, the national team is on display in Kone

Rome – Euro 2020 Lifted to heaven at Wembley as captain Giorgio Chiellinifour o’clock world cupscupEuropean from ’68. and then Historical jerseys Like his debut Silvio Beola In the national team (1935) or who wears Paolo Rossi To the “Mondial” in 1982, or those Rivera, Seria, Zoff, Baggio and Mancini. tubes that Bertini and Bearzot After winning at the Bernabéu, they exchanged balls used in the 1930s, shoes worn in the 1950s, the Azzurri bag on the world trip to Chile ’62 and the bag of the then-Federal President. Artemio Franchi. Unmissable souvenirs related to Rome: Plus Piola, Amadei and ImmobileFocus on the Roma and Lazio players in shirts de ssite (1967), King Cecconi (1974), Giordano (1985), Ancelotti (1986), Casiraghi (1994), berries (1998), de russian (2011).

he is called “We Are History”, the exhibition dedicated to the national football team And erected in the Italian sports house, Coni headquarters in Foro Italico, in the Hall of Honor, which will allow you to admire part of the vast heritage of monuments, trophies, T-shirts, balls, shoes, memorabilia and photos of every kind related to the 112 years of the Azorean era. “Loan” from the historical headquarters of Football Museumwhich has been built since 1990 next to the Federal Technical Center Coverciano.

President Kony opened the exhibition this morning, Giovanni Malaggiunion president, Gabriel GravinaPresident of the Football Museum Foundation, Matteo MaraniSports Consultant at Roma Capitale, Alessandro Onorato. An exhibition tracing the history of Italian football from January 6, 1911When the national team wore to The first time the blue shirtin honor of the Pete of Savoy, having played two games the previous year in the white jersey: from there blue will become his A sports symbol of Italy in the worldColor all state representatives in international competitions in each sport.

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The story of Azzurri is completed, in recent decades, with the feminine componentwhich obviously cannot be missing: two shirts, one shirt Rita Guarino and that from Sarah GamaTo celebrate the two participations in the 1991 and 2019 World Cups, awaiting the 2023 World Championships in Australia and New Zealand. then again referee uniforms who have crossed national borders, have risen into real characters who are symbols of race trend around the world, such as Le Bello concept And the Pierluigi ColinaIn this case, the 2002 World Cup shirt.

Marani: “A museum that guarantees our memories and our history”

“Today is a very beautiful and happy day at the most important place in Italian sport, as we bring the Coverciano Football Museum for the first time,” he said. my practice. We really do the story: 112 years Approximately a thousand players and a thousand games 75 governments, 12 presidents and 10 popes. This is the story of the Italian national football team. Our museum is growing, it is not just a physical place but a custodian of the Italian football memory, which means history and knowledge. we We don’t just live in reality But of all that we have behind us and we should be proud of our history, the only real big difference between Italy and other countries. On January 6, 1911, Italy turned blue and dyed all Italian sports its color, accompanying the nation and helping it recover from its worst moments. Even after Covid, football showed all its importance in restarting the country.”

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Gravina: “Blue is our identity”

Comment on this show Gravina“It has the double meaning of spreading Italian football culture more and more and making our Football Museum known.” For the president of the federation, “It is a world that we particularly attach to and like to reject An exceptional blend of sport and culture, united by an exceptional color that dominates the national and international sports scenes: blue, an identity element that brings together the passion of many Italians and many athletes. This little show Taste of the Coverciano . Museum, which recognizes a great value to historical memory and to the roots on which we want to grow the most luxurious tree of our values. 112 years of history are united by the blue color that has marked the history of an entire country, even above all in moments of difficulty and bitterness. ”

Malaj: “CONI will always say thanks to our football”

for Malago “Today is the day of celebration. These cups and awards are the seal of credibility For this initiative and this idea, we are honored by this opportunity In an emblematic position and the home of Italian sport He wants to remember the best of our football on an amazing journey of so many years. Connie’s boss may be good or not, but he is considered better or worse if Italian football achieves results. here because of Connie always says thank you to football“.

The new logo of the Football Museum

in this occasion , Football Museum Foundationwith the aim of beginning to bring the legacy of its sporting history to the country beyond Coverciano’s physical limits, Introduce a new logodesigned by Independent Ideas, the creative agency of the Publicis Groupe that has already created the current corporate logo of the union, which was introduced in October 2021. The new Museo del Calcio logo aims to be My style update for the current FIFA logorevisiting the diagram in a modern way and keeping its recognizability intact: the graphic sign still shows the ball, the world symbol of football, and the stars, a clear allusion to the glorious history of the Italian national football team.

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