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Three US presidents and a Nobel Prize in Physics, the greatest genius of all time. But also the great artists of the past and present and the great mathematicians who managed to make what was once called a hindrance to correcting a great competitive advantage or rather a tangible manifestation of genius and sometimes of recklessness. They are left-handed, an army covering 10% of the population, and it was once “corrected” because, as it should, for teachers and parents, this was the only possible way to go. An ever-increasing number of more or less well-known persons retain qualities of genius and intelligence that are sometimes uncommon, dormant, or even expressed to success. August 13 is their day, the day the UK Left Handers Club established in 1992. Here we proudly mention Prince WilliamThree presidents of the United States, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr.Nobel Prize in Physics Albert Einsteinwho, however, used his right hand to write because he had to correct, but also what is considered one of the greatest geniuses of mankind, Leonardo Da Vinci. But left-handed people’s skills are also recognized by science, which are manifested in all disciplines: Diego Armando Maradona who turned his ominous left hand identified in the past as the devil’s hand, into the “hand of Deuce”, the hand of God, “prophet of the target” Johan Cruyff, strong with his right and left foot, John McEnroe, left-handed with a talent that delighted the tennis world, for music the Nobel Prize for Literature Bob Dylan, Beatles Paul McCartney, guitarist Jimi Hendrix, left-handed touch is unforgettable and not only, because he also played the guitar with the teeth and the mic shaft. Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman.

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According to science, left-handers remember events better, that is, they have better episodic memory because the cerebral hemispheres are more closely connected, and they are more skilled in mathematics, at solving complex problems than in simple arithmetic. They also have an advantage in sports such as table tennis or baseball, which require responsiveness. They are strong in boxing. Left-handed people will also have their own peculiarities in different areas of health. Left-handed women, especially postmenopausal women, may be more likely to develop breast cancer and in general left-handed women may be more prone to sleep disturbances and schizophrenia, but at the same time they are more protected from arthritis. , ulcers and has an advantage in healing after a stroke. The left hand is also able to think more “outside the box” when it comes to finding solutions to problems.

But being left-handed is still not an easy thing, even if not corrected, the world is still not right for them: home and office arrangements (doors, kitchens, sinks) are designed for the convenience of those who use the oath as their controlling role. Opener and scissors can be difficult to use if not specified. Not to mention objects like a computer mouse, traditionally placed to the right of the keyboard (also in this case there are specific things to buy), and guitars, but also simple restaurant cutlery that touches to back, handwriting challenges and sports. No more biases and corrections but there are still some hurdles to overcome but those who are left-handed know how to get around.

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