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On February 6, 2022 the official opening of the anniversary. It will be held throughout the year. Week of Events June 2-5, 2022: Live Interviews & Photo Show

Making fun of Andy Warhol in 1985 threw the gauntlet at her. I want to be famous for being the Queen of England. He takes a picture of Elizabeth II and turns it into a color print on the screen. Wins? no. The father of pop art increases the Queen’s fame: in 1977, the shot chosen by Warhol was already a symbol of the Silver Jubilee, after 25 years of rule. In 2012, Her Majesty celebrated 60 years on the throne and presented herself as screen prints of the Diamond Jubilee. The new jubilee is at the door. On February 6, 2022, it was platinum, the first in the British monarchy. KERMIS Opening, events June 2-5, 2022. Churchill took it in hand when he ascended the throne, today the Queen is among the icons of the digital age. the secret? Mix tradition and contemporary. Greeting cake? Candy. Who will win the platinum pudding contest? And it will be among the favorite dishes of Elisabetta’s followers, in the digital age of metaverses.

No work for 4 days

There will be an additional 4 holiday days across the entire UK, from 2-5 June 2022, to honor what made history, without a doubt, as the Queen of Records. The programme, Covid permiss, includes a series of events in which the British court announced the existence of some of the “world’s greatest stars”. According to the BBC, several events will witness the attendance of the heir to the throne Charles, his wife Camilla and other members of the family. At the beginning of the long weekend, on June 2, the color squad has been scheduledA traditional military parade marking the Queen’s official birthday. Continuing a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, that evening people will turn on the lights in more than 1,500 towns, cities and villages across the kingdom. (Read after the video)

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Here below is the exclusive video interview of 7 at CATRIONA GRAHAM, the British general console in Italy and based in Milan. In his words a picture of the sovereign, but also in the sense of the Jubilee of Platino, the fourth of the reign of Elizabeth II

Themes and 200,000 live concerts

This will be followed on 3 June by a thank-you ceremony in honor of the Queen’s service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. On June 4th, the BBC will host a live concert called Platinum at the Palace, promising some of the biggest entertainment stars in the world. For Sunday 5 June, people will be able to apply to organize parties in neighborhoods as part of the so-called “Great Jubilee Lunch”. More than 200,000 events of this type are expected to occur. There will also be a public show in London, called The Majestic Festival of Creativity, featuring artists from Commonwealth countries. In addition, the Queen’s coronation gown will be on display at Windsor Castle. The schedule of mass events does not mention Covid restrictions.

Lights, horses, musicians and… custom candy

On the opening day of the Platinum Jubilee, Thursday 2 June, in 1,500 English cities and in the capitals of the other 53 Commonwealth countries, special lights will be lit simultaneously in honor of Elizabeth. Between Buckingham Palace and London’s Horse Guards Parade, Trooping the Color, the traditional military parade of more than 1,400 soldiers, 20 horses and 400 musicians, will be staged to celebrate the king’s birthday, who will turn 96 on April 21, 2022: Members of the royal house participate in transportation and on the balcony of the royal palace. At the 200,000 Street Jubilee Luncheon, a new dessert – a typically British dessert – prepared for Her Majesty will be served. Platinum Pudding, a cooking competition open to all British citizens, has collected online a series of recipes that the chef will judge Lady Mary Berry and Court Chef Mark Flanagan. They will decide the beautiful winner.

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Maxi party with international stars

Thanksgiving mass will be held on Friday 3 June at St Paul’s Cathedral, and on Saturday 4 the big concert with international stars (names not revealed) will be held in front of Buckingham Palace to steal the show. Royal palaces will be open to the public, including Scotland’s Balmoral Castle and Sandringham, Norfolk’s country royal residence. And on the streets of the kingdom, the Platinum Jubilee competition will experience: artists, performers, dancers, musicians, soldiers and volunteers will tell the story of the Queen of Records. And then: The River of Hope, two hundred silk flags adorned with images of Hope on display, the Queen’s Green Canopy, encouraging people to plant a tree for the Jubilee. (Read after the links)

Kate Middleton in the front row

Four unforgettable days set the stage for a year of celebrations Members of the royal family – starting with Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, William and Kate Middleton – in the front row next to Her Majesty. Nothing has been confirmed yet about his personal presence at the events. Doctors described a respite at Windsor Castle and in her last engagements it was Kate who took her place. But there is no doubt that the Queen will be the great hero.

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