From China to Australia, where restrictions are back

Covid, again Close In some countries to deal with cases of variable delta and new outbreaks.

happen in China, pigeon million people They were confined to their homes as the country tries to contain the largest outbreak of Covid-19 in months with mass testing and travel restrictions. The alarm was triggered by the discovery of 55 new cases of coronavirus and a rapidly spreading variable delta outbreak that affected more than 20 cities and dozens of counties.

More restrictive measures are also in place in AustraliaThe measures that were lifted have been extended until the end of the week. Here’s what’s happening outside of Europe.

New lockdown in China

Local authorities in major cities, including Beijing, have initiated this carpet pads For millions of residents, isolate residential complexes and stone contacts. the capital has All rail links severedAnd buses and planes in areas where new infections were discovered and closed to tourists in the middle of the summer season. Only me is allowed essential travelers, with negative molecular dielectric certification. On Sunday, officials asked residents not to leave Beijing except for reasons of necessity. city Quzhou, in Hunan Province, ordered residents to stay at home for 3 days as it launched a citywide testing and vaccination campaign. Already last month in a tourist resort Zhangjiajie, near Zhuzhou, an outbreak linked to people who attended a theatrical performance led the authorities to present Lockdown measures for its 1.5 million people All tourist attractions are closed.

in the area Changping In Beijing, where two locally transferred cases were found, 41,000 people were locked up in 9 apartment blocks at home.

Close in Australia, soldiers door to door

If the situation in China is viewed with concern, then Australia continues its hard line against the epidemic. the Brisbane Insurance, which was supposed to expire on August 3, will be extended until Sunday as the army patrols Sydney to enforce the restrictive measures. About 300 army personnel Unarmed began the day with door-to-door visits to make sure positive people remain in isolation and not leave their homes. Those found are asked about the reason for leaving.

Where is New South Wales located? Sydney, has recorded 207 new cases of Covid-19 in one day and more than 3,500 infections since June. Australia has been adopting a lockdown and layoff strategy in many cities since the delta variant began to spread. Restrictions should remain until the country is in good shape vaccination coverage.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, amid criticism of the way he is handling the outbreak, has promised to ease pressure when the state vaccinates. 70% of its population is over the age of 16 (She is now 19%). This target is expected by the end of the year. More than a vaccination campaign – which is proceeding at a much slower pace than other developed countries – Australia has used its efforts to keep infections low.

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