From chicken to fruit, pepper to shellfish: here’s the blacklist of dangerous foods

In Italy, approximately one food alert was triggered per day with up to 297 notifications sent to the EU during 2020, of which only 56 (19%) relate to products of local origin, while 160 came from other EU countries (54%) and 81 from non-EU countries (27%). This is what emerges from Coldiretti’s dossier on the “blacklist of the most dangerous foods” presented at the International Forum on Agriculture and Food based on the findings of the recent report of the European Rapid Alert System (Rasff).

A system that records alerts for verified food hazards due to chemical residues, mycotoxins, heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, dioxins or additives and dyes in the European Union in 2020. “In Italy – confirms Coldiretti – so more than eight out of ten Food alerts due to dangerous foods from outside (81%) ».
From sesame seeds from India to healthy salads to low-cost chicken meat from Poland, from Turkish fruits and vegetables to Brazilian black pepper to dried fruits, vegetables and figs from Turkey: these are the foods that make it to the “blacklist” platform of the healthiest products discovered in the world. European Union.

Coldiretti notes that the menu also includes peanuts from the USA and Argentina, Turkish and Iranian pistachios and French oysters. Overall, India ranks first in the ranking of countries from which the most contaminated foods come from, and is responsible for 12% of the food alerts launched in Europe, Turkey with 10% and Poland (10%) but “concerns – continues Coldiretti – also come from France (6%), the Netherlands (6%) and China (6%) ». “It is necessary to ensure that imports of products from third countries respect the same social, health and environmental standards as Italian and European products” stresses Coldiretti President, Ettore Prandini, in stressing the importance of The European Union guarantees the principle of reciprocity in labor relations.

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The most dangerous foods – the country – the reason

Sesame seeds (296 cases) – India – ethylene oxide

Chicken meat (273) – Poland – salmonella

Fruits and vegetables (190) – Turkey – pesticides

Black pepper (61) – Brazil – salmonella

Dried figs (58) – Turkey – aflatoxins

Peanuts (49) – USA – Aflatoxins

Pistachio (39) – Turkey – aflatoxins

Oysters (33) – France – Norovirus

Pistachio (29) – Iran – Aflatoxins

Peanuts (29) – Argentina – aflatoxins

Source: Coldiretti clarifications on the 2021 pavement report data

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