From Camporoso to Saint Petersburg Ballet Tour of Australia and New Zealand: The Story of Luca Pelia

Kamboroso. He is only 20 years old and will be leaving in a little over a month a tour in Australia And the new Zeland With one of the most important companies in the world. he is Luca Bigliaa Camporosino dancer born in 2002, very young, but already with important experiences behind him in a world dance.

Luca was 11 years old when he decided to enroll for the first time in a dance school Lion of Passion from Camboruso: «My love for dancing was born in a rather unusual way. My sister asked me to go and watch her dance lessons, and since I already tried different sports, football, basketball, swimming, in the end I decided to sign up with her, I wanted to try‘, says the dancer he frequents later A lion between earth and sky From Laura MinchiEmpowerment lessons in the contemporary era Sandra Delrio And empowerment lessons in classical dance with the teacher Ciro Bevy in dance schoolswanFrom Grugliasco.

The leap in quality occurred in 2015 when I entered GDS Contemporary Dance Project Genoa From Cerro Venusachieved in 2018. Diploma in Contemporary Dance Which followed in 2022 Professional Dancer Diploma In the American UniversityAnd the Ukrainian Academy of Ballet in Milan Directed by Katrina Calvino Brianna: «I realized I wanted to make this passion a business at about the age of 15, when I began to see that I had put all I had into what I had done.“.

Among the rehearsals that Luca attended includeDancedance event Roberto Bol In Milan on the stage of the Castello Sforzesco, the Bolero Ballet Studio stage Maurice Biggart With the teacher and the dancer Galant Gracebut also with the choreographer Joseph Taminpartner Bina Baush The summer campus Alto Junior Dance From Antonio Vini At Villapiana Lido where she studied and refined Graham’s technique and won first place in a contemporary dance improvisation contest, as well as a scholarship to study in New York in 2019.

Among the most important Role-playing Luca in his student years at the Arcimboldi Theater and Ecoteatro in Milan during his presence at the Aub includes Drosselmeyer, uncle of the protagonist Clara in the ballet “The Nutcracker”, Rothbart, antagonist of history and ballet “Swan Lake”, Nano Dotto, one of the main characters of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, one of the friends of the protagonist Colas from “La fille mal gardée”, knight of “Sleeping Beauty” and the Hungarian soloist of the ballet “Coppelia”:Each of these experiences gave me something important that is now part of my baggage, all essential on my way.Luca explains.

In August 2020, he became a professional dancer, dancing in Paris as a dance troupe French TV show “Prodiges” Broadcast on the channel France 2an experience that he also repeated in October 2021, while in September 2021 he had the opportunity to dance in the show “Ondance” by Roberto Paul.

On August 25, Luca will start a program a tour In Australia, New Zealand and Spain with the company Saint Petersburg Ballet Which will lead him to travel the world until February, attending 110 classical ballet performances including Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Giselle and The Nutcracker, covering roles as a dance troupe and as a soloist.

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