From award-winning Celeste authors comes a new 2D game, first teaser –

Earthblade is a “smooth world 2D action and exploration game” from Celeste authors

Earthblade It was announced in these hours and it is new game In development at Extremely OK Games, or Outstanding, Award-Winning Authors Celeste, Which appears in the file The first teaser video Designed only to show something of the atmosphere.

It’s still too early to know the game in detail, but the authors still want to publish “vibe reveal” For Earthblade, visible in the attached video tweet Below, the one we recommend to watch with voice activation.

The game is referred to as “An exploratory 2D action game In a smooth world of pixel art, ”but there is no specific date for its release, since it is marked as“ 20XX ”, just to be on the safe side by keeping as opaque as possible.

However, the idea of ​​the 2D smooth world is very interesting, which suggests a great stylistic setting Open world ma in 2DTherefore, it is something special and for it to be better understood. The idea of ​​”vibe reveal” is just to show something of the atmosphere that will characterize this game and the general style, but it will take some time before we know more.

On their official website, Games very OK They explained that Earthblade came out of 4 different prototypes and 3 years of design that followed the release of Celeste, but there was still a lot of work to do. Among other information, the developers themselves were limited to reporting that the new project was placed at a point between “comfort zone” and “unknown”, so it would obviously take something from Celeste but it would also suggest Many new things. At this point, we are waiting to learn more about the project, even if we have to wait.

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Remember Celeste finished with adding Chapter 9, after which the team was already working on the new project, which today revealed itself as Earthblade.

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