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From Australia with American Samoa to Japan in Mongolia: When the Winners are Ruthless

Tuesday’s surprising results in the World Qualifiers, 14-0 by Japan overcoming Mongolia in Asia and 11-0 by Canada over the Cayman Islands in Central America, are not in the Guinness Book of Records. Suffice it to say that in Asia, in Group C, Iran gave a similar (14-0) lesson to Cambodia only a year and a half ago.

Absolute record for Australia: 31-0 in American Samoa

Indeed, in the history of international football there have been more amazing victories. The absolute record is held by Australia who relished on April 11, 2001, just two days after setting the new record by beating Tonga 22-0, against American Samoa in the Oceania Qualifiers for Korea and Japan 2002, which gave them a knockout. Difficult to improve: or 0-31. In second place was the Arab Cup match in 1966, which was held in Iraq between Libya and Oman, which ended with a score of 21-0. She completed the podium with a score of 20-0, which Kuwait defeated Bhutan in a qualifying match for the 2000 AFC Asian Cup.

World Cup Qualifiers: Iran and Tajikistan on the podium

She remained exclusive in the World Qualifiers, after Australia 31-0, and with the exception of 22-0 in Tonga, there are 19-0 that Iran defeated Guam again in the race to Korea and Japan 2002. L ‘Iran in this way improved its record set 4 years ago With a score of 17-0 in the Maldives in Damascus, in a match against France 98. In 2001 Guam was also humiliated by Tajikistan, which it won 16-0.

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Europe, Germany’s biggest victory: 13-0 in San Marino

As for the European teams, the last time ranking doubles is Poland, who beat San Marino 10-0 on 1/4/2009. However, West Germany maintained the record for the most success, beating Cyprus 12-0 en route to Mexico 70. Two 11-1 were also mentioned: Hungary against Greece in the 38th Tour de France, and Macedonia in Liechtenstein towards France 98. Germany is Also the European priority team will have the biggest gap to catch the opponent: it is the group 0-13 that was decided on 6 September 2006 in Serravalli against San Marino.

The famous Hungary 10-1 and the scandal of Spain 12-1

However, in the minds of fans, there are two double-digit scores that made history. The first chronological order is 10-1 in which Hungary humiliated 82 El Salvador in Spain. The result is still unique in the history of the final stage of the World Cup. The second, which is still hovering around the shadow of doping to this day, is 12-1, through which Spain critiqued Malta, and achieved its qualification to France 84 at the expense of the Netherlands. It seemed like an impossible feat because the Tulips, after beating Malta 5-0 a few days earlier, managed to score a +11 goal difference with only one match left. Instead in Seville, on December 21, 1983, the Red Furies achieved the miracle, almost all of it in the second half as they rested 3-1 after missing a penalty as well. In the second half, they scored 9 between 46 and 84 minutes, with the exception of the Dutch, for the most goals scored. A few years later, coach Victor Scari and a number of players revealed: “The Spanish players took doping. In the first half, they were offered a plate of lemon, which made everyone feel bad.” But that’s a whole other story.

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