From Australia to Messina: “I’m taking my friends to discover Sicily by bike” Video

Messina. “Sicily is my life”, a love that can be read with eyes and words. Domenico Caravello was born in Villafranca Terena 83 years ago, he left Trinacria at the age of 28, to live in Australia. After 55 years he has never forgotten his origins. A strong feeling takes him every two years to Messina, to make his friends discover the beauty of his native land, and he does this by pursuing his great passion: the bike. He was passionate about cycling from an early age, at the age of 17 he started racing in Sicily, winning several races at the amateur level, once he moved to Australia he also started racing as a competitor, finishing third in Australian championship. He founded in the land of the kangaroos a cycling club, which today has many members, and for them he organizes trips to Italy on horseback.

Messina has changed

These days in Messina, Domenico takes part in the cycling tour ‘Tour in Bahrain with Marcia“:” Over the years I’ve seen the city change, unfortunately not always for the better “- Domenico tells us during the break-” “There is still a lot to do because the people of Messina sometimes seem not to like their land, it’s a bit neglected, I hope This trend is changing. I will continue to return to Sicily, as long as God wills, and I will have the power to pedal.”

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