From Australia to India, this is how Ariana reinvented herself: “Today I bring yoga to the world”

Leave everything to find yourself. In his case, through yoga. It is the story of Piacenza Ariana Give yourselfThe 33-year-old now lives and works in Cagliari where he runs an online platform that promotes research on psychological and physical well-being, reaching many connected users from all over Italy and abroad: “In the yoga and Ayurveda classes I use on the web, there are two ancient sciences Twin sisters, many people residing in Australia, Ireland, Spain, Greece, England and Switzerland are involved. The project is called “Yoga Shala” (Sanskrit for home) and it is the final stage of a life path that deserves to be known.

History – In 2014, Dadati left Piacenza and above all his job at the bank to continue discovering a new daily life. “I started traveling around the world,” says the girl, “to Australia. I was looking for something abroad, but I found it inside.” There Dadati decides to apply for a visa that is valid for twelve months. “I wanted to stay in Australia to learn English better, but who knows for what purpose… I didn’t have any expectations. However, this choice changed me deeply. I understood what my needs are. Of course, I don’t need to go to Australia to understand it.” “. But incentive is needed, and it is this. “There I began to practice yoga, a world unknown to me – my dad recalls – I thought it was a boring discipline, but instead it allowed me to connect with my body and, in particular, with my mind.”

Piacenza stayed in Australia for four and a half years, a long time working as a waitress and clerk in a jewelry store, not forgetting the farm experience needed to get her visa renewed. But in the meantime, Dadati continues to immerse himself in yoga: “I also moved to India, at the foot of the Himalayas, to specialize directly in site. A lifetime will not be enough to discover all aspects of this practice.

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In 2019, the girl returned to Italy, and met her partner Giorgio in Australia. “It’s Sardinian, so we decided to live in Cagliari – explained Piacenza – as I wanted to start over from scratch, following the path that could truly lead me into the world.” Exactly Yoga and Ayurveda, Ayurvedic medicine. Hence the idea of ​​launching a virtual platform “to cultivate the inner search for holistic well-being, from personal hygiene habits to tips for healthy sleep.” Dadati, a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic healer, is a “fixed point in a rapidly changing world” project.

“Develop potential” – “I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to develop their potential and realize their most intimate dreams and desires – adds Piacenza – you need to develop self-awareness and go home with the body and the body first, because only in the body can we do all these things. This is what I want to convey by teaching “.

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