From Alitalia to ETA. The high-altitude miracle?

October 15, 2021 Sanctions “de deepundis” of the high-altitude airline since 1947. A piece of history, already tormented in its last arc, that disappears while the health emergency remains urgent. To pick up the baton, Ita Airways, which acquired an aircraft, part of the staff and the brand, even if it does not appear with the naked eye, did. Now, in fact, they are leaving and landing Planes of heavenly clothing, with tricolor in the tail. A chromatic and nominal restyling prompted the first passengers to think: “Shall I embark on a flight from KLM or Neos?”. Or: “But are we sure it’s not British Airways or Etihad Airways?” A company, the latter, which, a few years ago, also tried, with poor results, to revive the fortunes of the Alitalia decotto. Alitalia: a distinctive brand directly attributable to our country; Two names in one have a strong sentimental value. ETA Airlines: An abbreviation followed by an English term that, at first glance, conveys distance and coldness. So, the old brand doesn’t really cross the clouds, and so is the old color destined to stay in the scrapbook. “Time discovers the truth,” said Seneca. And the already well-known person tells us that the air carrier made in Italy cost us 13 billion euros. That’s why it would take a miracle. It might be easier in heaven.

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