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Important changes are looming regarding payment methods for Rai license fees. Let’s get into the details and see what to expect.

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Also thanks to the impact of Covid, there has been an increasingly intense use in the past period of various electronic devices, such as tablets and computers. But not only that, playing an undoubtedly important role in the world of communication is definitely the television. On the other hand, the latter provides the possibility to rely on information of all kinds, such as current affairs, even entertainment programs, such as films and TV quizzes.

At the same time, everyone who owns a TV finds themselves having to deal with paying an amount Rai license fee. Compulsory tax in all respects, with payment through direct debit in law ProjectSoon, we’ll see some important changes regarding payment methods. So let’s get into the details and see what to expect.

Rai license, important changes looming: everything you need to know

As is known, the RAI fee, the amount of which is equal to 90 euros per year, has been paid since 2016 throughDirect deduction on the electricity bill in monthly installments. A decision made to prevent many taxpayers from not paying the respective tax. Therefore, as of 2016, all Italians find themselves having to deal with a higher bill. From January 1, 2022, there may be an important change, namelySay goodbye to the rent bill fee.

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This could happen as a result of Italy’s commitment to Europe within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, or PNRR, with the aim of increasing transparency towards consumers. At the moment, we confirm that the fee for the fee is still on the bill, but it is possible that things will change from 2022. On the other hand, this change will not be implemented immediately, as the government will first have to Evaluate how to return to collect the relevant tax. All that remains is to wait and see the upcoming executive decisions.

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