From 10 billion UniCredit to the growth of Italy – Ultima Aura

(ANSA) – Milan, June 06 – UniCredit is launching a new version of the “UniCredit for Italy” plan to support the country with initiatives with a potential total value of €10 billion.

In detail, 4 billion for financing private and domestic consumption and 6 billion for new loans to companies in the tourism sector, marked by Made in Italy and special economic zones.

The aim is to support the consumption of individuals and families suffering from inflation, as well as to provide new resources for the development of specific sectors and regions.

“Italy has huge potential. Right now, it is showing that it can grow more than Germany and France and do things that no one expected,” said Unicredit CEO Andrea Orcel at Tg1. “Investing and trying to drive and accelerate this growth to return Italy to the central role it should play in Europe is a fundamental objective for us,” adds Orcel, who also holds the presidency of Italy.


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