French elections and Republicans are waiting. Marine Le Pen left empty handed

The second round of French regional elections It appears to have ended with a fundamental affirmation of the situation before the vote: all the presidents who were in office before the round were confirmed by the electorate. In short, there is no shock, and above all no confirmation from the National Rally and Marine Le Pen, who tried to advance the appeal of his constituents, after the abstention that marked last Sunday’s appointment.

Among the most important of them, there is definitely a victory Xavier Bertrand, which has triumphed again in the Hauts-de-France, but is now a serious contender for the highest seat in the Elysee, ahead of next year’s presidential election. The Republicans, after expelling the first round, re-established themselves once again as the first nationally political formation, as the agency re-established new astri. That figure, 38%, bodes well for the first presidential round of 2022.

The center left holds up too, with a broad coalition ranging from the Socialist Party to environmentalists able to attract around 30% of the overall consensus. The national assembly stops at 20.8%. Something very different from tonight’s forecast, especially by virtue of the scenarios built by most surveys. Marine Le Pen – As underlined by LAPRESS – He admitted that his party is unable to occupy new territories. At the same time, the leader of the RN party linked the outcome of the defeat to the “natural alliances” that were created after the first round. The Macrons, for example, announced that they were voting for Bertrand in Hauts-de-France, showing how what in Italy we call the “constitutional arch” still exists. In short, the center-right and center-left used, according to Le Pen’s reconstruction, a scheme taken in France four years ago during the second phase of the double ballot.

Not only is Le Pen among the losers: even Marche!, the party of President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron had to compete with the regional consensus, after the astonishing and surprising performance of the last presidential election. Macron’s party suffered a crushing defeat, reaching overall percentages close to 10%. A general delegate of the party again, as indicated by the agency new astri, he admitted breaking up, but said he was satisfied with the break against lepenisti.

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As I write, more details emerge that could better explain the round’s result: Bertrand won 52.8, compared to 25.8% of the Libyan candidate. Third, the center candidate came from the left. Many analysts viewed the election in Hauts-de-France as a test of Marine Le Pen’s real chances of winning next year.

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