French Cup, Setbilo for Paris Saint-Germain. Mbappe show

Lens (France) There is not and cannot be a happy ending, but allo Stade Bollert Delices to lens However, a fairy tale passed down in stories French cup And the little one pays de CasellThe formation of the Sixth Division, equivalent to our promotion, is born from the amalgamation of six villages in Flanders, which take a confrontational fancy.”Holy beastsfollower Psg. Team Galtier He’s clearly walking a 7-0 lead, and really clinched the exercise in the first half by scoring four goals in just over 10 minutes, but it’s one of those instances where the score doesn’t really count. The only disappointment for the dreamy “Al-Watan” fans was the absence Messiwhich would have made the memory of this impossible challenge unforgettable.

“Manita Mbappe” and two new records

In the stylized 7-0 from Paris Saint-Germain, the lion’s share is Mbappe, who even scored five goals, three of them in just over ten minutes. Moreover, the striker’s second goal, which was worth the instantaneous 3-0, will go down in history as he set a new record. Read all about it here

A strange evening for the ultras, Zmijk and Bojima

The story in the story, it’s crazy Alexis Zmjak Based on Clement Bogemarespectively, defender and midfielder Pays de Cassel, but also the ultras of the Paris Saint-Germain Cup group who, after every game they played with their team, run out onto the field to follow their favourites, who met closely tonight.

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