Free wifi? There is no sure solution, be wary of the news around you

Do you want to save money and not pay for internet connection? We often talk about free Wi-Fi on public networks, but beware: it’s not what it seems! There are significant risks associated with using such solutions

You have one High performance internet connection It’s becoming a staple nowadays, especially at home. Whether it’s for remote learning or for smart work, it’s essential to have a network coverage that can withstand heavy file downloads or constant calling.

Public WiFi might not be the best option if you want to surf the internet without breaking the bank. There are significant risks associated with its use (Adobe Stock)

Without exception comfort, with streaming and video watching platforms that continue to thrive. There are also games that are recording ever higher numbers. There is another phenomenon that travels in parallel: savings. In this sense, there is a lot of news on the Internet that emphasizes its accessibility public and free networks. But be very careful, because you may run into very severe risks.

Free WiFi, do not connect to public networks around you

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Hackers and cybercriminals exploit public networks to trap new victims (Adobe Stock)

A service now offered by all major Italian municipalities, designed to allow anyone to do so Connect to WiF for freeNo internet browsing. Or more simply to use messaging and social networking platforms. “If you want to save, this is the best solution“Tell various news on the net. But be very careful, because in reality that is not the case. There are big risks linked to the use of public networks.

Among the main reasons why users become Victims of hackers and cybercriminals, In fact, there are networks that provide free WiFi! Now, any malicious person knows infallible methods To call smartphones illegally of people connected to public networks. They were able to transmit dangerous malware and steal useful login credentials and sensitive data.

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Given the exact historical period we are going through, with alarms related to it Malware attacks and phishing which follow each other, it is very important to monitor them. We recommend taking a look at the file Many offers Supplied by major suppliers operating in Italy. With just a few euros per month, you can enjoy dozens (if not hundreds) of gigs Also in 5Gwith the national network increasingly operating.

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