Free PC games to download, new gift from the Epic Games Store

Like every Thursday the Epic Games store Abandoning a new free game for the computerAfter, after Surviving Mars for free download This week it was his turn the fall, It is actually not a very recent title (it launched in 2014) but it might book much more than a surprise to fans of the genre.

The Fall is a unique blend of traditional puzzles typical of adventure and action games, effectively mixing and setting in an atmospheric world. This is made possible by unifying the way players interact with the world: In The Fall, players will find themselves thinking, exploring, and sometimes grappling with the world and its unusual inhabitants.

The Fall is free on the Epic Games store From 17:00 today until the same time on March 25th, Surviving Mars will still be available as always until 17:00 this afternoon, so you still have a few hours to redeem it and add it to your Epic Games Store.

It is also not excluded that Epic could surprise us e Add a second title to The FallAnd with that, we are introducing two free games planned for this week, and we will learn more during the day when the store will be updated with new content.

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