Free PC games, Steam gives you a title not to be missed

You don’t have one yet A belly full of free computer games? Well, if you still want some, then this new Steam show is for you! Sure it’s not a brand new title, or just a few have played it, we really hope you’ve had the opportunity to play it through all these years. We are talking aboutMetro 2033 After Apocalypse FPS. On the Steam game page, it is actually possible to redeem it for free for a limited period of time.

So, be warned, if you’re still among the few who haven’t recovered it in the different weeks from Epic, or on some other occasion, We advise you to do so by March 15th. After this date, you will not be able to get it for free. Steam usually offers a lot of indie games, for example we told you yesterday Indiegala and its way to go. Additionally, the new game can also be redeemed today Free on Epic GamesSo if you don’t, run now!

Subway No. 2033, For those who still do not know itIt puts you in the shoes of Artyom, the “soldier” who never left the subway station boundaries. In this survival adventure, you will find yourself facing bigger “things” and dangers around every corner. However, we leave it to you Link to Steam page to download it. Obviously, we must remember that the version you are going to download is not Redux (Redesigned), but the most basic version.

If you are looking forFinal chapter in the series, You can also redeem it for Control unit! Also, if you haven’t already, we recommend you too Follow us on SpotifyYesterday, we launched the brand new podcast in which we discuss video games, and analyze a specific topic in each episode. More than just a conversationBut without forgetting the healthy discussion! Also tell us how many free games you have recovered in the last few months alone!

It is already possible to purchase DualSense from Amazon. PS5 in both versions, Digital edition H The version with the reader.

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