Free games March 2021, today is the last day to claim it –

Today, April 5, 2021, it isLast day to claim free PS4 and PS5 games from PlayStation Plus for March 2021. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, the PS Plus games will be available for April 2021. If you don’t want to lose access to the titles of the month, head over to the PlayStation Store and claim the games.

You can find PS4 and PS5 games from PS Plus as of March 2021 To this address.

We remind you that I am March 2021 Free PS Plus Games I:

  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS4)
  • Model (PS5)
  • Remnant From The Ashes (PlayStation 4)
  • Farpoint (PS VR)

We also remind you that The PS4 release with PS Plus acquired in the March 2021 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Not valid for a free upgrade to Intergrade, which is the PS5 version of Square Enix that will be released in June 2021. We also remind you that Yuffie DLC will be exclusive to the next-generation PS5, so it will not be possible to purchase it DLC with the PS4 version of the game, even if you are playing it Via PlayStation 5. Of course, this backward-compatible version of the game can be played on the PS5 at any time, as long as you are a PS Plus subscriber.

PS Plus is the Sony PlayStation subscription service. It allows you to have a variety of PS4 and PS5 games every month, in addition to a host of other perks such as exclusive discounts and access to cloud storage to save data storage, online play, and other features.

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Finally, we remind you of the free PS Plus games released in April 2021.

PS Plus March 2021: Today is the last gaming day of March 2021
PS Plus March 2021: Today is the last gaming day of March 2021

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