Free 10-hour trial on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play –

Battlefield 2042 Can be properly tested before purchase through the classic Try for free from 10 raw Provided by EA Play, which is also confirmed for the new DICE shooter as also available to users Xbox Game Pass.

According to reports of Battlefield 2042 official page By Electronic Arts, starting at November 12, 2021One week before the game’s official launch date and with early access for subscribers, any EA Play or Xbox Game Pass user will be able to access the game and try it out for 10 hours.

Subscribers to EA Play Pro Direct access to the full game, with the ability to enjoy the freedom of the new shooter without time limits and also take advantage of the benefits of the Ultimate Edition, but it also seems that subscribers of the standard EA Play as well as subscribers of Xbox Game Pass, will be able, however, try Battlefield 2042 well before you buy .

Note that we are talking about Xbox Game Pass subscriptions Basic, since Ultimate is not required to access the 10-hour trial of Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts reports.

Of course, those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription are also eligible for a 10-hour trial, but that’s also available with a lower tier subscription, apparently.

Only these days have we seen the load weight on PS5 and the fact that it won’t have 120fps mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S at launch.

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