Frecciarossa changes his appearance, from the first shots at the Brescia station

Trains change too. At least dresses. It is with red arrow Which Trenitalia decided to restyle, fully applied not only to front and rear cars but to all wagons for the first time in recent days. The New ETR-500/40 released From Officine di Vicenza today, as reported by fans of railway problems, is the first example of a high-speed train to display the all-new color, always in color red and silver But with different designs.

From Vicenza to Novara is his first test run, so he made his first run also with Brescia. Nor did he escape the enthusiastic youth of Brescia, who had time to be immortalized at the station, apparently among the first nationally, if it is true that even the electronic magazine of the sector Snap a post on Instagram.

A novelty that will probably make many talk about the many who are also in Leonesa a fan of trails and caravans, starting with railway designers It is in the castle that he keeps a great little gem, an expression of the passion for railways. Many people, whether new or old, would be happier if the trains were punctual and perhaps at lower costs. But this is another story.