Francesco Vacente, acknowledging the state of health: “very afraid”

Francesco Vacente – Passion for technology

Francesco Faccenti is a well-known figure in the world of Italian entertainment. He is very popular on social media, sharing everything with his followers every single day. A few hours ago, he talked about the health condition of his young daughter.

Francesco Andrea Facchinetti He is a TV presenter, singer, disco jockey and entrepreneur born in Milan in 1980, the city where he lives with his family. He is the son of Art, the father in fact Rob FacchinettiItalian singer. Francesco has been known since 2000, when he was known as DJ FrancisHowever, today he is better known as a TV personality and is also very popular on social networks where he shares many details of his life.

Facchinetti’s career began in the early 2000s, when he authored and published at just the age of twenty Captain’s songa song that became a catchphrase and is still sung, danced and listened to by many Italians to this day.

After his start, Francesco started his career that took off, in fact he participated in several TV shows such as FSanremo summerAnd Celebrity Island And strip news. In those years he met his first wife, Alicia Marcusia well-known Italian broadcaster who has a daughter with him.

Today Facchinetti is married to helena weisole, with someone who has a daughter. The family lives quietly in Milan and the captain is very close to both his wife and daughter. In fact, he often shares content with fans about the little girl.

Facchinetti’s story about his daughter

Francesco Facchinetti loves sharing content and stories with his fans and followers on social networks every day. His posts are of various kinds, in fact, he often shows his routine, pictures with his kids, and often presents work commitments.

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He and his wife are very close and they are both very close to their 7-year-old daughter, Lavinia, born in 2016 and recently celebrated her birthday. A few hours ago, he confessed all the details about the little girl’s health.

Facchinetti on Instagram – A technology passion

Lavinia’s health condition

Francesco Facchinetti made it possible on Instagram stories a Question boxes For fans, so they can ask him any kind of question. One of these was about little Lavinia, in fact they asked him how he was doing.

Francesco answered the question with a video telling the details, and said: “Little Babysaura is better now. We were so scared because he had a fever of 39 and a half for a month. We did a lot of tests and scans and only last week we found out that it was mononucleosis.”

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